P1000 Therapy Heating Mattress

Mesh Series P1000

         Size: 60*150cm     Power: 180w

Structure of Aura-Detox Series:

  • PU Leather Surface Material
  • Mesh
  • Bio-Stone
    • Nano Tourmaline Ceramic for Transferring Natural Anions & Infrared Rays
    • Natural Jade for Transferring Natural Infrared Rays
  • 660nm Bio-Photonic Light Therapy (Photon Alternative)
  • Real Nano Charcoal Lamination Layer (Bio only)
  • Heating System
    • Water Proof & Thermal Preservation Complex Aluminum Film
    • Nonwoven Fabric for Heating Wire Fix
    • EMF Interception Copper Winding with Silicon (Pro only)
    • Teflon Heating Wire (Pro only)
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Bimetal
    • Red Clay Lamination Cotton (Bio only)
    • Pure Aluminum Foil for Reflection of Infrared Rays
    • Nonwoven Fabric Layer for Heat Preservation
    • Real Nano Charcoal Lamination Layer (Bio only)
  • VLF wave (micrometric wave) Bio-magnetic Therapy (VLF Alternative)
  • Compressed Non-Woven Cotton for Thermal Protection
  • Polyester Peach Skin (Bio only)