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GemStone Pillow


GemStone Pillow introduction

Healing gemstone pillow made of 5 kinds stones, such as amethyst, green aventurine, yellow agate, red jasper and bian stone. And gemstone pillow adopts the design concept in line with the human body structure.

Model:ChakraMat R55-PRBT-LF
Stone:Seven stones
Net Weight:Boosts blood circulation


Seven stones tourmaline PillowFunction

The seven-colored stone needle stone Pillow can fully fit the neck curve, and the largest area of the neck can touch the Pillow.It improves blood circulation, relieves pain, keeps the cervical spine naturally relaxed, and has a great relief effect on cervical spine problems. The Pillow features a unique design. The Pillow core and amethyst Pillow case can be used individually.You can also choose to place the amethyst pillowcase on the other Pillow and still enjoy the energy and healing effects of amethyst and tourmaline.

Known for its relaxing qualities, natural amethyst corresponds to the crown chakra, which helps focus, fights insomnia, eliminates stress and helps relieve migraines, headaches and all the discomfort caused by stress.It also symbolizes health, luck and protection from evil and has the ability to emit negative ions and far infrared light.



Seven stones

  • The Indian theory of yoga holds that the seven chakras constitute the energy organization of our bodies and are the focal points of the body's energy.From top to bottom, the seven chakra are divided into the crown chakra, the eyebrow chakra, the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the sun chakra...
Negative ion

Negative ion

  • Ions are electrically charged invisible particles. Cations are ions with a positive charge, anions are ions with a negative charge. Generally, there are a lot of cations in polluted air and anions are largely distributed in forests, beaches, and valleys where the air is free-flowing.


  • Photon is light with healing energy. The far-infrared rays that it releases can penetrate deep into human tissues to stimulate cell regeneration which have a healing effect on wounds and also have a healing effect on skin and scars. Photon therapy is a brand new biological therapy...

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Model:ChakraMat R80L-PRBT-LKLL-P
Stone:Seven stones
Net Weight:promote blood circulation
The wavelength of far-infrared light (5.6 to 15 microns) overlaps with the wavelength emitted by the human body (the average body temperature is 36.5 ° C, which translates to a wavelength of about 9.4 microns).This frequency band is in the same range, so the cells and molecules in the body also become active.This phenomenon is called resonance.

Safety Caution

  • Please not to use the mat instead of medicines and professional medical equipment.
  • Please not to cover the mat with a thick blanket.
  • Please connect the controller to the product follow the instructions.
  • Please not to use this mat for other purposes except physical therapy.
  • Please keep the mat away from water, fire and sharp objects.
  • Please not to fold this mat with force.
  • Please pay attention to adjust the appropriate temperature of the mat to avoid being burned due to the maximum temperature of the mat can reach 70℃/158℉.
  • Please turn off the controller in time when finished using.
  • Please keep the controller away from water, fire and sharp objects.
  • Please not to put the controller on the product when the it is heating.
  • Please not to use other controller that are not worn by the product.