Fanocare is a industry and trade integration company, we are leading manufacturer of heating therapy mattress in China.

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Fanocare has a professional team that understands the marke, we support OEM, ODM and other professional services for customers.

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we will answer you carefully and in detail about any questions of product technology, whether it is pre-sale or after-sale.


All products will be guaranteed for 12 months. Fanocare promise to provide complete after-sales service. For more details about after sales, please contact us.

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Exclusive advantages of our company


What is Fanocare thermal therapy mattress?

Fanocare thermal therapy mattress are constructed using different energy stones with the enhanced sleep technology, enabling confort and deep sleep. It provides not only deep heat but other health beneficial such as Far Infrared Ray(FIR) & Anions. In addtion to this basic function, Fanocare also combines other different physiotherapy technologies (Such as PEMF, Photon, etc.) to provide additional functions for the product.


What is the difference between these series?

Fanocare build twelve different product lines in order to meet the needs of customers in different countries. These series are composed of different materials and designs, and each series has been researched and discussed by us to ensure that users are provided with a perfect experience.


What is difference between Made in Fanocare and other manufacturers in China?

As the largest OEM & ODM solution provider in China Mainland, Fanocare build eleven different product lines in order to meet the needs of customers in different countries around the world with more than 10 years of OEM & ODM experience.


What is difference between Made in Conoavl and Made in Korea?

Under Made in Fanocare, you will enjoy the products with the same technology as Made in Korea but at less than quarter price.


If we get a special new design idea, and how Fanocare protect our intellectual property?

Thinking is God’s greatest gift to human. We respect all originality and absolutely protect it. OEM as Fanocare biggest advantages, and ODM will also provide with suggestions for improvement of your special new design idea.